Madeira Island

This year for our annual holiday we chose Madeira Island. We chose it mainly for Covid reasons, because Madeira has a pretty good track record in keeping Covid in check and we didn´t know how things would pan out in other countries, also it helps that Madeira belongs to Portugal, and is only an hour and a half flight time which is great, because I hate flying.

For a long time I´ve resisted spending holidays in Madeira, I like to see places in different countries, different cultures etc etc. However I´m very glad we went to Madeira, because it´s really very beautiful and worth the visit. I must say we had a very laid back holiday, no rushing around to see every church, museum etc, and it was great!

We had the best time being pushed 2km downhill on wicker sleds, they really go very fast and the chaps that push them are very entertaining.

We have a great video that shows the speed at which these wicker sleds go , unfortunately I can´t post it because my WordPress plan won´t permit it.

We used the cable car to get to the top of the mountain where they have the wicker sleds, and the views were amazing.

Here´s me in the cable car, although I must say it´s not my favourite mode of transport, heights are really not my thing 🙂

Most of the beaches are black volcanic sand and pebbles, they do have sandy beaches but we didn´t go to any of those, apparently the sand was actually imported

Everywhere is lush and green with beautiful gardens.

There are banana plantations everywhere, and banana trees on the streets everywhere. A shop keeper told us that when she was young the whole beach front were banana plantations, now of course it´s all hotels, restaurants and shops, the price of economic growth.

Here is hubby next to a banana tree at our hotel.

Here´s a photo of a supposedly typical Madeira House, they only have about 8 or so of them in the same place, It’s really just a tourist stop, but still, they´re pretty and used as stores that sell traditional goods.

We also went to the natural pools of Porto Moniz, It’s a stunning place, well worth the visit to have a swim and spend the day.

And of course, I bought some traditional fabric, It’s very thick woven material, I´ll probably make a cushion cover or tote bag, not sure yet.

We really had a great time, the ideal mixture of relaxing and sightseeing, so I´ll end the post with a selfie of us both, getting ready to enjoy dinner at the hotel gardens 🙂


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