All about the Bees

Todays post is all about the bees!

So the other day I was sitting in our backyard porch, watching my girls make a macrame wall hanging, (more about that later), when I noticed a whole bunch of bees flying around near the wooden shed where hubby keeps his tools and stuff, and you must know that this shed is brand new, and Hubby is very proud of it, anyway I said to the girls…Goodness that´s a whole lot of bees over there…., So we went out to have a better look, and really there were a lot of bees going in and out from behind the shed which butts up to the garden wall so we cant ‘see behind it.

We contacted a Bee Man on facebook who had recently posted on our town page that he was available to help out in situations like this. Mr Bee Man came over shortly, dressed of course in his bee suit, checked out the area and the bees, and told us that they were probably just scouts looking for potential new home or food source, and that the next day they would probably be gone. Well… the next day there were more, but we decided to wait it out and see if they would leave.

Now although we are great bee friends and love to see them in the garden, we have quite a small garden and the dogs and cats were not to happy about this invasion, and my daughter Megan who was on holiday, didn’t feel comfortable sun tanning beneath a bee swarm 😊

Ok, so now on the third day  we called Mr. Bee Man again, so once again he come over and brought a bee hive  with him, and amazingly found 2 bee homes beneath the shed, one on either side, it was not easy to see or get to because the shed is basically just 15cm from ground level.

After much work and many hours Mr. Bee Man with his new apprentice, my husband, managed to transfer the bees  with each queen to 2 hives, it was really so interesting to see, how the bees took to their new homes so easily once the queen was inside, and how they would surround the opening and beat their wings to announce to the other bees who were still returning home from a day of foraging, that the queen was in this new home. Please excuse the photos but I took them from behind the closed kitchen window.

Much to the relief of all 4 legged members of our family, Mr Bee Man then left with 2 new hives full of bees for his little bee farm.

Well I must say, this whole episode was very interesting, and it was lovely to see so many healthy bees, because as we all know, Bees = Life.

Thanks for buzzing by, and bee safe!