Baby Quilt

Since I´m a newbie in this patchwork / quilting adventure, I don´t really have a stock of fabrics. Where I live, fabric choices are very limited, and not wanting to travel a 100 km, I bought 7 types of fabric. I didn´t want it to be only in shades of blue, so I also chose … Continue reading Baby Quilt


Handy Handbag

Throughout the years I have bought numerous small handbags that I use on weekends. Handbags that I can use cross-body so that when I go shopping I don´t have to lug a large shoulder bag around, which is what I use during the work week. However, I was never completely satisfied with them, too small…. … Continue reading Handy Handbag


I recently decided to make placemats for my daughter Andi. So off I went shopping. I fell in love with some bright ethnic looking fabric, and opted to pair it with just 2 other colors, purple and mustard. Wanting the colors to really pop, I chose black for the binding. I decided to make the back … Continue reading Placemats

Baby Sashed Quilt

Once I found out I´m going to be a grandmother, the burning question was… Is the baby a girl or boy? While we waited for baby to grow a bit, so we could find out during the scan, I made a few items in greens and yellows, but what I really wanted to make, was a quilt for … Continue reading Baby Sashed Quilt

Crib Bumper

After finishing the baby quilt for my granddaughter, I made the crib bumper. I didn´t want it to be too busy, so I opted to use only 2 fabrics the white and the striped fabric that I used as one of the borders on the quilt. For each bumper, I cut the white fabric into 3 … Continue reading Crib Bumper

Baby Cosmetic bag

A friend of mine made a lovely cosmetic bag, so I asked her to show me how she did it, and made one for baby, it will come in useful to keep the baby toiletries when mom and baby visit granny 🙂 I wanted the bag to be biggish, so I cut strips of alternating … Continue reading Baby Cosmetic bag

Nursing Pillow

Recently I made 2 nursing pillows, one for my daughter, and then for a friend of hers, that´s also pregnant. These nursing pillows are really very comfortable for mother and baby and quite easy to make. The measurements of the pattern are basically what you see in the diagram below. Fold the fabric, so that … Continue reading Nursing Pillow

Baby Clothes Pouch

Having finished the nursing pillow, I had some fabric left over, so I decided to make a pouch, which is very quick and easy to make. These pouches are useful for a whole bunch of things, especially when you have to leave the house with baby, we generally use them to keep a change of … Continue reading Baby Clothes Pouch