Veggies and Benches

I´ve been meaning to post this story for ages, but time has simply been running away from me and I´m having a hard time catching up with it, so this story actually happened a few months ago.

My husband´s vegetable patch was recently upgraded to an enclosed vegetable glasshouse, and the cucumbers went wild with joy and have been growing all over the place.

We originally had this,

Then we had this

Now we have this

When Hubby set it up, our greenhouse Inspector made sure everything was to code 🙂

What I love the most about this little greenhouse is that when the sprinklers come on, the sound of the water cascading down is amazing, it´s so zen, you can listen to the sound here, (and thanks to Tierney from for the tip on how to post video content to my posts 🙂 )

So here is a photo of all the gorgeous cucumbers growing, we had so many that we had to give some to the neighbours.

Since the heading of this blog is veggies and benches, let me explain about the benches. My hubby had some extra pallets at work, so he decided to make 2 flower benches. You might wonder what´s a flower bench, well it´s this mixture of a bench and flower pot holder, that I call flower benches, here´s the artist, sitting on his creation 🙂

The 4 legged members of the family enjoy them as well.

Well that´s it for my somewhat old news, I hope to back soon with some creative stuff of my own, Thanks for popping by, have a great day!

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