I recently decided to make placemats for my daughter Andi.

So off I went shopping. I fell in love with some bright ethnic looking fabric, and opted to pair it with just 2 other colors, purple and mustard.

Wanting the colors to really pop, I chose black for the binding.

I decided to make the back of the placemat different from the front, so I made it predominately black with strips of the printed fabric.

For the front, I cut the squares 13 x 13 cm allowing for 1 cm seams, so the finished squares were 11 x 11cm. The final length of the placemat was 55cm


For the back I cut the following strips, allowing for 1 cm seams.

2 black 7cm x 33

1 black 5cm x 33

I black 27 cm x 33

1 Print 6 cm x 33

2 Print 7cm x 33


So…. To make the placemats, you just sew the front squares together in whichever manner pleases you.


To make the back, join the strips.


Attach a layer of interfacing in between the top and bottom using safety pins to keep it all in place. I did a quick zig zag around the edges to join the 3 layers.

Then you just bind the placemats. I used black strips of 6cm to make the binding and used the machine to bind the front and back.


At the back I pinned all around and machine sewed the inner edge of the binding in black. thread.



And there you have it, quick and easy placemats 🙂



The Simple Things

I love the simple things that life offers, …..A walk in the woods…. Admiring a new flower in the garden…. Feeling the cat brush up against my legs…. A glass of red wine… The look on my girls faces when they laugh…. Hot toast with loads of butter…. A bird sitting on the lemon tree…Just simple things.!

Call me boring, but it´s the simple things that give me joy, and the strength to face each working day.

What a wonderful world it would be if everyone just stopped every once in a while, looked up, looked around, and felt the simple things in life.

Last Sunday, the weather behaved beautifully, it was lovely and warm, and so we did what we usually do every Sunday 🙂 Took the dogs for a walk in the woods.

We have 2 mutts… Oscar and Jack….. both were abandoned by SOB´s, so now they live with us!

Jack is the new boy on the block and absolutely loves to run around in the woods. Oscar not so much he usually just hangs around my feet and that’s why you don´t see him in the photo 🙂


Aren´t Sunday afternoons just wonderful?