Fabric Portraits, Baskets and Birds

I’ve been so busy with work stuff, that I don´t even have the time to blog anymore, so this post is about a few things I´ve finished but haven’t had time to write about.

So firstly, in December I finished the fabric portrait of my daughter Andi and Isabella. I´m still not happy with the outcome of my fabric portraits, I think I’ll probably stop doing them, in this portrait the change in colour value in Andi´s face is just too striking, It bothers me. Now looking at it after o many months I can see so many things that I should have added and/or done differently, so maybe what I should do is start a portrait and take month long breaks while doing it 🙂

This is the original photo

Next, I made a rice filled heating pad Llama, I found the pattern at The Crafty Quilter Here. I made the outer part like a cushion cover, the inside is made from plain cotton , this way I can safely heat it up in the microwave, before covering it with the outside minky part. I use this every night when I watch TV, it´s wonderfully warm and comforting.

I made another fabric basket, I really like the way it turned out, so I´m pretty pleased with it.

I think I´ll definitely make more, they´re so easy to make and the outcome is so worth it, I have meters and meters of batik fabric that was given to me a while back, so I´ll probably use that.

And lastly, I´m playing around with some blocks I made ages ago from a Jaquelyne Steves quilt along Here I just finished quilting the blocks and because I didn´t know quite what to do with them, I hang them up on a branch, I´m asked my daughter Andi to make branches with macrame, which I will then sew to the blocks so that hopefully it will look like a tree with bird houses, or something like that when it´s finished, its still a work in progress, so I might just use them as pot holders 🙂

Well that´s a quick round up of what I´ve been up too, have a great week and thanks for popping by 🙂