Hi, I’m Alice, a Zimbabwean/South African/Portuguese citizen of the world. A mother of 2 beautiful young ladies, a grandmother and wife.

here is what I usually look like on a late saturday afternoon, after the house cleaning…Not a pretty picture I know… but it’s truthful 🙂 And if you´re wondering why I have 3 glasses, I´ll explain, the ones on my head are my reading glasses, the ones on my face are my normal ones, and the one on the table, I pour wine into 😉


I recently started a sewing adventure!

I was feeling really stressed out about work, and decided to start a hobby….. apparently smoking and drinking wine…. is not considered a hobby! So the word quilting popped into my mind, so that´s what I decided to start with, well sort of, it´s more patchwork than actual quilting, but quilting sounds far more professional 🙂

Since all I had ever sewn were semi-straight lines on a really basic Toyota sewing machine, that I bought to sew hems on curtains etc, I decided to find a mentor.

So once a week I go to a little shop in the neighborhood where the owner shows me how to make stuff, and I have also learned loads, from some really amazing ladies who are kind enough to post tutorials on their blogs.

So here I am, starting my own blog, mainly to record what I do, I´m very forgetful, and also maybe, I can help other newbies in this, fun and inspiring sewing adventure.

Thanks for the visit!