Scrappy Fabric Frame

In my never-ending quest to use my fabric scraps, I decided to cover an old frame I´ve had stored in the garage for years and years with….that´s right…. Fabric scraps.

I sort of separated them into colours and modge podge them onto the frame. I then had a mirror fitted to the frame, it was actually quite inexpensive, the mirror including labour only cost me 27€, so considering that I repurposed an old frame and scraps of fabric, I think it´s a total bargain.

Andi, my daughter, recently bought an apartment so she´s always on the hunt for inexpensive or free 🙂 goodies to decorate her new home, so she called dibs on it.

It´s actually very hard to take a photo of a mirror without it showcasing the photographer 😀 Below are my best efforts.

Here it is before installing the mirror.

And after

And here it is in its new home.

It´s quite big so it adds a lot of colour to her entrance hall.

It was a fun project so a win-win for everyone. 🙂