African Urban Chic Quilt

I´m currently working on a quilt, that when I showed my daughter, she said it looked very African Urban Chic….. What is that exactly??…. No idea! ….but I love the sound of it, and because I actually bought the fabric with the tortoise motif, because it reminded me of  home  – Africa, I have staked my claim to name my quilt – African Urban Chic.

Well anyway it´s basically a disappearing 9 patch square. The pieces are pretty big 15cm x 15cm (6 inch) squares. img_1468

I cut the the middle squares in half


And arranged the new blocks in the order that most pleased me. You´ll notice that I´ve pinned numbers on the blocks. I have to do this or I lose my way completely!


Sewed the blocks into rows.


And sewed the rows together.


Well that what i´ve done so far, and believe you me, this quick to make top, has taken me forever, because it is soooo…. cold at the moment, that my sewing room is freezing, so I basically sewed for 5 minutes a week 🙂

Well next step will be to sew some borders to this top, ….but of course,  in this neck of the woods that I call home, I´m having trouble finding fabric that complements what I´ve done so far.  I Will have to forage further afield during the weekend, perhaps in the next village they´ll have what I´m looking for 😉

Stay tuned, and stay warm!





3 thoughts on “African Urban Chic Quilt

  1. Melanie McNeil says:

    I’ve made a number of disappearing 9-patches and never been disappointed. Yours looks great and really can stand on its own without borders, if you choose.

    One of mine is on my current post:

    I’ve also thought about starting with the big 9-patch and slicing as in your 2nd photo, then inserting interesting strips and a new center to make a more complex big block. Have not done that yet, but it’s a thing I’ll try some day.

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  2. Alice says:

    Thanks Melanie, Your quilt is certainly far more intricate and pecise than anything I have done 🙂
    I saw this interesting take on a disappearing 9 patch that I also want to try one of these days,


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