African Urban Chic …cont.

Well I finally finished my African Urban Chic quilt 😉. It took me so long, because I recently became a granny! Yep I´m all Granified! And so baby gazing and cuddling all take up chunks of time 😍

Anyway, in the last post ( HERE ) I was looking for fabric to make the borders,  I finally decided on black, a printed cream fabric and an orangey binding.

On this quilt I did straight line quilting, I had never done so many quilting lines before!…… and I can tell you….. it takes a while…. Much longer than what I thought it would take!

And I learnt something else too….. my straight-line quilting made some of my blocks look crooked! All these blocks that were all nice and straight….. started to look a little wonkey! So, at first I had a little melt down, even punished the quilt by putting it down in a corner! Then while looking at  quilting sites, I found some straight line quilts, where you could plainly see crooked blocks….. I kid you not! Some fellow quilters were actually quite proud of the crooked look, so I immediately jumped on That band wagon, forgave the quilt and resumed the straight-line quilting.

So there you have it. All finished and I love it!


Jack helped out with the pegs.


While Oscar helped by holding it up on his head.



Think I´ll go sit in the sun and do some quilt gazing 🙂


What do you think, was I right to forgive it for going a little wonkey on me?




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