Baby Quilt

Since I´m a newbie in this patchwork / quilting adventure, I don´t really have a stock of fabrics. Where I live, fabric choices are very limited, and not wanting to travel a 100 km, I bought 7 types of fabric. I didn´t want it to be only in shades of blue, so I also chose yellow and white, I also fell in love with a fabric that had balloons etc, not realizing that when I cut it into small squares, it mainly showed up the pink ….. oops,… oh well,… every man needs a little  pink in his life…. I went ahead with the fabric choice.

I wanted the quilt to be a postage stamp, so I cut strips of fabric 6 cm wide, this will allow me to have 0.5cm seams, and have 5cm finished squares.

After sewing the strips of fabric, I cut them up into 6 cm wide rows, thereby getting the 3 sets of squares below.


I ironed the seems in the rows in alternate directions so that I could nest them when joining the rows.


I find I can align the squares better when I nest the seams, rather than when I iron the seams open, that’s not to say I always manage the magic of perfect alignment, many times my squares just don´t want to line up. Sewing is my zen time, so I don´t stress too much when this happens, a wonky square here or there is not life changing.


I always pin as close as possible to the seam line.

Below are the nested seams.


Here is the first row of blocks.


Here are the 2 sets of rows sewn together. You can see on the last row that 2 last squares are really very badly aligned, I actually unpicked these and redid them, these were just to wonky even for me.


I then sewed 2 borders of white and blue of different widths, just to make it a little diferent.


Added the batting and zig-zagged the front to the batting all around to hold it in place.

I did the backing and binding at the same time, that is,  I used the same piece of fabric for the binding. I folded the sides of the backing twice and mitred the corners to achieve the binding strip at the front.


At the back, all you see is the sewing line from sewing the backing/binding in the front.


Before sewing the backing I apliqued a little square of a “Alice in Wonderland fabric”, so that no-one would ever forget that it was an Alice that made this quilt 🙂


Since I have a very basic and inexpensive sewing machine, quilting is not an option, unless it´s straight lines so I decided to leave the quilt as is. The binding looks a little ruched, but once it was washed and ironed, it looked perfectly fine, but I forgot to take a photo before giving it away.

And here is the finished product… Yipee… my first ever baby Quilt.