Veggie Patch

Today, it´s not about sewing, it´s about gardening. My hubby is the type of person who can literally do anything, quite irritating  😉 just kidding!! it´s great having someone who can fix anything, he´s a real MacGyver!

Anyway, he decided he wanted a vegetable garden, so that´s what he did, it started off in 2012 with just some shelves and soil bags that you cut  holes into, and plant lettuce etc. We were so excited when the lettuce started growing, it was like Yay, we can actually grow edible food 🙂


Over the years he has stuck to his hobby. Some years, all we harvested apart from  lettuce which is very forgiving, were some tiny tomatoes and one or two strawberries, but this year we had a bumper crop, huge tasty tomatoes, a few cucumbers and  most amazing of all…. Butternuts.

The butternuts were a real surprise, basically last year they started growing in the compost bin from seeds that we had thrown in there, so hubby took the shoots and planted them in his veggie patch and the plant grew, flowered and died. So this year we did some research and apparently the female flowers were not being pollinated, so hubby played Bee, Yes…Bee, as soon as he had a female flower and a male flower (squash have female and male flowers)he would fertilize the female flower by taking pollen from the male with a cotton bud and pollinate the female flower,….. and would you believe it, 3 of them took and grew into butternuts.

Here are the butternut flowers.


And here is our first butternut


Here´s another one.


Our gorgeous tomatoes, they are incredible tasty.



Jack likes to inspect everything thoroughly, a real hands-on inspector! that’s why we have a high wooden fence 😉

Well needless to say, the vegetable garden is now very much part of our home, and a place where the family congregates to ooh and aah 🙂

Thanks for popping by.









The Simple Things

I love the simple things that life offers, …..A walk in the woods…. Admiring a new flower in the garden…. Feeling the cat brush up against my legs…. A glass of red wine… The look on my girls faces when they laugh…. Hot toast with loads of butter…. A bird sitting on the lemon tree…Just simple things.!

Call me boring, but it´s the simple things that give me joy, and the strength to face each working day.

What a wonderful world it would be if everyone just stopped every once in a while, looked up, looked around, and felt the simple things in life.

Last Sunday, the weather behaved beautifully, it was lovely and warm, and so we did what we usually do every Sunday 🙂 Took the dogs for a walk in the woods.

We have 2 mutts… Oscar and Jack….. both were abandoned by SOB´s, so now they live with us!

Jack is the new boy on the block and absolutely loves to run around in the woods. Oscar not so much he usually just hangs around my feet and that’s why you don´t see him in the photo 🙂


Aren´t Sunday afternoons just wonderful?