Fabric Portraits, Baskets and Birds

I’ve been so busy with work stuff, that I don´t even have the time to blog anymore, so this post is about a few things I´ve finished but haven’t had time to write about.

So firstly, in December I finished the fabric portrait of my daughter Andi and Isabella. I´m still not happy with the outcome of my fabric portraits, I think I’ll probably stop doing them, in this portrait the change in colour value in Andi´s face is just too striking, It bothers me. Now looking at it after o many months I can see so many things that I should have added and/or done differently, so maybe what I should do is start a portrait and take month long breaks while doing it 🙂

This is the original photo

Next, I made a rice filled heating pad Llama, I found the pattern at The Crafty Quilter Here. I made the outer part like a cushion cover, the inside is made from plain cotton , this way I can safely heat it up in the microwave, before covering it with the outside minky part. I use this every night when I watch TV, it´s wonderfully warm and comforting.

I made another fabric basket, I really like the way it turned out, so I´m pretty pleased with it.

I think I´ll definitely make more, they´re so easy to make and the outcome is so worth it, I have meters and meters of batik fabric that was given to me a while back, so I´ll probably use that.

And lastly, I´m playing around with some blocks I made ages ago from a Jaquelyne Steves quilt along Here I just finished quilting the blocks and because I didn´t know quite what to do with them, I hang them up on a branch, I´m asked my daughter Andi to make branches with macrame, which I will then sew to the blocks so that hopefully it will look like a tree with bird houses, or something like that when it´s finished, its still a work in progress, so I might just use them as pot holders 🙂

Well that´s a quick round up of what I´ve been up too, have a great week and thanks for popping by 🙂


Veggies and Benches

I´ve been meaning to post this story for ages, but time has simply been running away from me and I´m having a hard time catching up with it, so this story actually happened a few months ago.

My husband´s vegetable patch was recently upgraded to an enclosed vegetable glasshouse, and the cucumbers went wild with joy and have been growing all over the place.

We originally had this,

Then we had this

Now we have this

When Hubby set it up, our greenhouse Inspector made sure everything was to code 🙂

What I love the most about this little greenhouse is that when the sprinklers come on, the sound of the water cascading down is amazing, it´s so zen, you can listen to the sound here, https://youtu.be/HSB4e94my0o (and thanks to Tierney from https://tierneycreates.com/blog/ for the tip on how to post video content to my posts 🙂 )

So here is a photo of all the gorgeous cucumbers growing, we had so many that we had to give some to the neighbours.

Since the heading of this blog is veggies and benches, let me explain about the benches. My hubby had some extra pallets at work, so he decided to make 2 flower benches. You might wonder what´s a flower bench, well it´s this mixture of a bench and flower pot holder, that I call flower benches, here´s the artist, sitting on his creation 🙂

The 4 legged members of the family enjoy them as well.

Well that´s it for my somewhat old news, I hope to back soon with some creative stuff of my own, Thanks for popping by, have a great day!

Home Quilt

Just finished another cute quilt, the pattern is, I love Home from Jacquelynne Steves Here

I´ve had this pattern for ages but only got around to making it now. Sometimes I really just like to follow a pattern, I still feel like I´m being creative without the anxiety of …..is what I am creating here ridiculous or is it good…. 🙂 yep I´m never quite happy with what I create from scratch.

This quilt was also an opportunity for me to practice some free motion quilting, I did feathers, pebbles and stippling, but the feathers were my goal, I´ve been wanting to try those for ages, and they didn’t come out to badly, just a few wobbles here and there.

Here is an image of the back.

And here it is, all finished , another quilt to add to my granddaughter´s collection.

Thanks for visiting, have a great day!

All about the Bees

Todays post is all about the bees!

So the other day I was sitting in our backyard porch, watching my girls make a macrame wall hanging, (more about that later), when I noticed a whole bunch of bees flying around near the wooden shed where hubby keeps his tools and stuff, and you must know that this shed is brand new, and Hubby is very proud of it, anyway I said to the girls…Goodness that´s a whole lot of bees over there…., So we went out to have a better look, and really there were a lot of bees going in and out from behind the shed which butts up to the garden wall so we cant ‘see behind it.

We contacted a Bee Man on facebook who had recently posted on our town page that he was available to help out in situations like this. Mr Bee Man came over shortly, dressed of course in his bee suit, checked out the area and the bees, and told us that they were probably just scouts looking for potential new home or food source, and that the next day they would probably be gone. Well… the next day there were more, but we decided to wait it out and see if they would leave.

Now although we are great bee friends and love to see them in the garden, we have quite a small garden and the dogs and cats were not to happy about this invasion, and my daughter Megan who was on holiday, didn’t feel comfortable sun tanning beneath a bee swarm 😊

Ok, so now on the third day  we called Mr. Bee Man again, so once again he come over and brought a bee hive  with him, and amazingly found 2 bee homes beneath the shed, one on either side, it was not easy to see or get to because the shed is basically just 15cm from ground level.

After much work and many hours Mr. Bee Man with his new apprentice, my husband, managed to transfer the bees  with each queen to 2 hives, it was really so interesting to see, how the bees took to their new homes so easily once the queen was inside, and how they would surround the opening and beat their wings to announce to the other bees who were still returning home from a day of foraging, that the queen was in this new home. Please excuse the photos but I took them from behind the closed kitchen window.

Much to the relief of all 4 legged members of our family, Mr Bee Man then left with 2 new hives full of bees for his little bee farm.

Well I must say, this whole episode was very interesting, and it was lovely to see so many healthy bees, because as we all know, Bees = Life.

Thanks for buzzing by, and bee safe!

Baby Blue

A friend of my daughter will soon be having a baby boy, she´s a lovely girl, so I thought I´d make her a baby quilt…… baby quilts are the best….Being on Covid Lockdown doesn´t really help when we want to make cute baby quilts, fabric stores are closed, and we can’t even leave our area of residence, so I had to make do with what I had at home, which in terms of baby-themed blue fabrics wasn´t much at all, Yes, I could have ordered fabric online, but I also took it as a challenge to use fabrics I already had.

Anyway, even with my limited fabric selection, I think it turned out quite pretty.

The pattern is very simple and comes together very quickly, I found it at

On the back I made a little label with baby´s name and date.

I gifted it to her the other day and she really seemed to like it. I´m very pleased I took the time to make this quilt, because in gifting this quilt, it was also a gift to myself, because gifting this quilt, brought me joy. Goodness…. being a bit philosophical here, but you all know what I mean 🙂

Bedside Tables

Hello creative friends!

Today´s blog is about refurbishing furniture. I´ve been on the lookout for 2 new bedside tables for ages, the ones I had, actually belong to my daughter Megan´s bedroom furniture. So I had to buy 2 new ones for my bedroom. This plan however has been on the to do list for years, simply because bedside tables cost an absolute fortune. So I pretty much knew I would eventually have to refurbish old used ones, but even those are expensive.

The other day I got lucky, or maybe not…! I found 2 old solid mahogany bedside tables 25€ each on the FB market place, (flip flops not included 🙂 ) as an added bonus the seller lived really close by, so that cinched the deal.

I was however, unprepared for how musty they smelt, oh…. My…. Goodness… They really smelt bad, so I washed them and sprayed them with vinegar for 2 weeks, but still the smell persisted, so I knew I would have to paint every nook and cranny of these tables. I painted all of the inside with some left over grey chalk paint, just to seal in the odor. The drawers I spray painted in light grey enamel, which worked out really well.

I sanded the top of the tables, and painted the rest with Antique White Rust-oleum chalk paint. I sanded the whole lot lightly with 220 grit sandpaper, sanding harder on the edges for a distressed look and bought new knobs from the local store. After wiping them with a soft cloth, I sealed the whole lot including the sanded top with Rust-oleum clear wax.

And there you have it, a lot of work, but totally worth it, because I´m pretty happy with them 😊

Thanks for popping over, have a great day.

Flower oil paintings

A while back, it´s actually been over 6 months! goodness I meant to write this post ages ago, ……anyway, I decided to give oil painting a try, a bit crazy I know, completely out of my comfort zone, but there you have it, I gave it a try.

Of course, I also went a bit crazy and used a rather large canvas, so it took a while to finish. This is all done with a palette knife, no brushes.



I must admit I´m not overly fond of it, although my husband really likes it, so I gave it to him 🙂  I decided to make a much smaller painting of a sunflower, and this one I really like.20200413_141922_3



It´s a bright sunshiny painting and always makes me happy when I look at it, I just love the sun and sunny days. Here at home the sun has just peeped out from behind the clouds, so I´m off to the garden to soak it up, before it disappears again.

Are you a sun lover?


Jacks’ Portrait

I finally found the courage to venture into the world of art quilts. After a lot of procrastination, such as tiding the workspace a few times, dusting the sewing machine a bunch of times…I just sort of dived in without the due attention that it merited. I wanted to start with a portrait quilt of one of my dogs,  however, I didn’t choose the best photo for either, I just picked a photo randomly without the notion of which pose etc. might be the best for a textile rendering….. Lesson number 1 has been learnt. Jack´s pose in this photo is not the best, it has a lot of depth, which makes it harder to portray.


I actually began the Portrait of my other dog Oscar first, because he´s a shaggy brown dog and so I thought it would be easier, but then I put him aside and started Jack because I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was going to portray a totally white short-haired dog, and I always like to get the difficult stuff over with first.

This is a quick summary of how I did it. I took the photo, enlarged it to an A4 (page size) and then using a lightbox traced the major outlines and shadow lines to another paper, then took that to our local copy store and had them enlarge it. Using a sharpie I traced the enlarged image to a thin muslin type fabric. ….Lesson number 2, ……use a waterproof sharpie because when I changed my mind about a piece of fabric and had to squirt water to loosen the glue, the ink smudged all over the muslin and the fabric pieces, and on light coloured fabric that is definitely a no no.


The interesting part comes next, which is choosing bits of fabric, cutting it, gluing it, and thereby creating the image. I spent quite a bit of time reading Susan Carlson´s blog Here she´s such a fantastic teacher.


The background was particularly difficult for me, I just didn’t know what to do., I messed around a bit, changed my mind a bunch of times, and eventually just settled for what you see here, red squares portraying the floor, and a different upper fabric. The red part is covered with red tulle and the upper part with black tulle, I stipple quilted with matching thread.

I also made the background to big… lesson number 3, …..know which size the finished work should be, so I don´t waste time and fabric. I bought a canvas from the local store and attached the quilt to it by folding over the sides and stapling it to the back, so it´s nicely stretched.

And there you have it, all done!


I showed it to Jacke and his friend Ollie, They think it´s kind of ok 🙂



Christmas Tree Runner

So, I´ve been wanting to sew with tulle, or netting if you prefer for quite a while, and since  Christmas is here, I thought it might be a good time to join the 2, Christmas and tulle.

I saw this cute table runner from Addy Lou Creates here, so I made a version of that pattern,  3 different fabrics for each tree.



Then I added the tulle on top, this is a very fine tulle with fine gold glitter.20191026_151604

Free motioned crazy patterns on top of each section of the trees and stippled the background.


I don´t know quite what I was thinking when I decided to add the stripes in the middle if I had a redo, I wouldn’t do that at all, but oh well, now it´s done. I  found that the tulle does mute the colours of the fabric quite a bit, but is actually far easier to work with than I expected.

So now it´s Christmas time, and I have a new table runner to display 🙂


Wishing all a blessed happy Christmas!

Refurbished desk

I´ve been quite busy lately, finishing up a few projects, one of them was refinishing an old desk we have. It´s really a very plain ugly little thing, but because we don´t use it that much, I didn´t want to spend money on buying a new desk. Most of the time we take the PC to the sofa or dining room table and use it there, I don´t know why, maybe we just want to be near everyone else and not alone in what we call the office/music/ironing room, or maybe every-one is scared they´ll be asked to do the ironing  😉

Well, the so-called office/music/ironing room also has the piano in it, which is blackish, so I chose a granite chalk paint from Rust-Oleum for the desk. It took 3 coats on top, a light sanding, waxed the whole thing for durability, bought a new knob for the drawer, and there it was, all done!

Here is a photo of the desk upside down, I forgot to take a foto of it before I began 🙂


Here it is finished, the bin basket I spray painted with some leftover grey spray paint I had, it was blue before.


Ok, I admit, I didn´t sand the desk before I began, so now the grain is visible in some places, and it kind of looks like it was painted white before the granite color, and then distressed, But I sure don´t mind the effect, I got the distressed look without having to put in the extra work 😉

Here is a view of the room, it´s still a work in progress, it has the bookcase in wood veneer, but I´ve decided I won´t paint that, I´ll gift it and get a bookcase I saw at IKEA, which I really like.


I´m, also finishing up a quilted wall hanging, which will hang above the piano, and a small wooden magazine rack to store my music sheets, so stay tuned……