Well as anyone can see, just by looking at my blog, it is painfully obvious, that I have never blogged before! It´s taken me forever to figure out the basics of WordPress, and because my time is pretty limited, what with work, home and now the sewing thing 🙂  spending hours on the PC has been a little frustrating.

However, I will persevere and become a blogger, even as I continue to scream and pound the keyboard of my poor old PC.

Of course I´m coming pretty late to the game, after all everyone is already a blogger! little kids are bloggers!! I actually read an article the other day, stating that in the near future to apply for a job, having a blog will be an asset, so that a potential employer can see what type of person you really are…. Really…. well I think that’s pretty nuts, …. but oh well… just in case… I have decided to join up and create a blog even if I do go nuts doing it 🙂

But honestly I think blogging has done wonders for many, not only for those who blog but also for those that search blogs for info etc. and hopefully I too, will add my small contribution to the blogging world and in the process enrich myself.

Happy blogging!


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